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Analysis of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Essay

Analysis of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad When Joseph Conrad composed Heart of Darkness he created a literary masterpiece which embodied the essence of light contrasting with darkness. Throughout the novel Conrad constantly utilizes the images of light and dark and uses them to mold a vision, which the reader is then able to use to decipher the literal and metaphorical meanings of the novel. As Conrad said, â€Å" my task which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word to make you hear, to make you feel- it is, before all, to make you see.† (Crankshaw 34) In Heart of Darkness Conrad makes the reader â€Å"see† by absorbing into every aspect possible of the book images of lightness and darkness. The light and dark images of†¦show more content†¦Within this paragraph Marlow reveals one of his greatest fears. This is the thought of how uncivilized man could survive in the dark time when there was no technology or sophisticated people. Marlow then goes on to discuss how short and meaningl ess our lives really are compared to the light of all life and history. Another important aspect of the paragraph is the use of the word, â€Å"knight† representing nobility accomplished during the flicker of civilization. It is not only what Marlow says that makes him fit in with the solemn setting but it is also his appearance: Marlow is pointedly described as sitting in the ‘pose of Buddha,’ suggesting that he has been the recipient of a weird Enlightenment, which he is impelled to share with his listeners. (Bennett 76) Within the story Marlow narrates to the crew and the reader by taking â€Å"his listeners† back into the darkness of yesterday. As Marlow approaches the African coast, the reader is able to visualize the dusting of colonies left behind by great explorers. These colonies barely survive; they neither expand nor retract as the years continue to pass by. The light of civilization obviously does not belong in a place as blackened with uncivilized cultures as in Africa. The light has been unable to penetrate the darkness. Once locked within the country Marlow finds his surroundings extremely harsh: The Congo is described as a place of intense mystery whoseShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness1504 Words   |  7 Pagescontrol over others and can be found in both people and objects. In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness the main character and narrator Marlow identifies a force within ivory that conveys a sense power within the enigmatic Mr. Kurtz. The African ivory trade was flourishing in the early 1900’s. Obtaining the precious object transformed some into greedy connoisseurs with endless intentions to get their hands on all of the continents ivory. Conrad shows that the power that is emitted from the ivory falls intoRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s The Heart Of Darkness 1801 Words   |  8 PagesAlly Jones Professor Smith English 1302 November 18, 2014 Female Roles in Joseph Conrad s the Heart of Darkness: In regards to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, many literature reviews focus on the motifs of Imperialism, the symbolism of darkness and fog, or the aspect of racism in Conrad’s work. During the era which Conrad wrote, England was going through the Victorian Era, which was marked by a shift in views on morality. The term â€Å"Victorian morality† is used today to describe values whichRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness 1713 Words   |  7 PagesMonth: January 2014 Name: Faris Khan Period: 3 Title: Heart of Darkness Author: Joseph Conrad Date started/date completed: 1/19 - 1/28 Pages read: 96/96 (Including the ten page introduction, 106/96) Rating of book (1-10): 9/10 Above you rated this book. Explain in detail why you gave this book that score: Author Joseph Conrad uses a very interesting method of narration in his novel, Heart of Darkness. The novel itself is written in first person, from the perspective of an unnamed sailor aboardRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness978 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout history, women have not always had the same rights as men, and this also changes men’s perspective on women’s abilities. In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Marlow’s perspective on women is very relative to their social status, and their relation to his idol, Mr. Kurtz. Through examining upper, middle and lower-class women in Heart of Darkness, it will become evident that Marlow values Kurtz’ intended more than those of middle and upper-class. Throughout the novel, there are alsoRead MoreAnalysis Of Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad1188 Words   |  5 Pagesexpansion on Romantic views, rather than a reaction. The Novella, â€Å"Heart of Darkness† by Joseph C onrad shows the transition from Romantic to Modernism, not as an opposing idea, but an evolution of it. From the start, we are presented with a rather Romantic introduction, stories of heroic adventures, of travellers going to new lands. These ideas of Imperialism and Colonialism are two massive Romantic ideals. Not only does Conrad point out the hypocrisy of Imperialism, but he also shatters the RomanticRead MoreAnalysis Of Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay2182 Words   |  9 Pagesbetween normality and abnormality, sanity and insanity. Heart of Darkness, a novella written by Joseph Conrad, centers around a sailor named Marlow, who struggles between awareness and madness as he journeys across the Congo River in Africa and comes into contact with the African residents and his surroundings, and Kurtz, a trader of ivory in Africa and commander of a trading post who struggles with madness both physically and mentally. Conrad is able to illustrate the theme of effects of madnessRead MoreAnalysis Of Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad1972 Words   |  8 Pages Professor J. Wilson Fiction 134 02 May 2016 The effects of imperialism in Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad Conrad displays many realistic example of imperialism and how the characters in this book act under certain circumstances. In this book, Heart of Darkness, A group of men are aboard an English ship. It is sitting on the mouth of the Thames. The group on the ship consists of a Lawyer, an Accountant, and one of the Company Director. The Company director is also the captain.Read MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness 1396 Words   |  6 PagesShelly Pyakurel Ellen Stockstill English 4 DC 27 April 2015 Research Paper Heart of Darkness is a novel by Joseph Conrad that centers on Marlow, a man who goes to the Congo for a job opportunity. He meets a man named Kurtz, who is well known by many. Once he gets to the Congo, he sees colonialism first-hand. He sees that the natives of the country were practically enslaved and forced to work under very harsh conditions. The two major characters of the novel are Marlow and Kurtz. There are many minorRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness1552 Words   |  7 Pagesfollowers. Historically, people have been socialized to accept and adhere to these stereotypes. Women have an important role in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Women are used in this novella reflect an important aspect of culture: sexism. Heart of Darkness was originally published in 1898, a period where women were facing especially harsh discrimination. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness tells the story of Marlow, an experienced sea captain, who is setting out on a mission to rescue Kurtz, an intelligent butRead MoreAnalysis Of Joseph Conrad s Heart Of Darkness1555 Words   |  7 PagesAlthough the author Joseph Conrad never met the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who died more than a century before Conrad’s birth, their distinct philosophies still have numerous points of intersection, suggesting some fundamental truths within the structure of the human reality. Through the novella, Heart of Darkness, Conrad details his perspectives on the faults of man and reality as a whole, with views often coinciding with many of Leibniz’s own, as found in his numerous philosophical

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Mental Health Issues Like Depression - 852 Words

Udisa Chowdhury Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse mostly start in adolescence, â€Å"an estimated one in five adolescents has a diagnosable disorder† (Murphey, 2013; ) then peak in late adolescence which most people would define as young adulthood. As someone who have gone through depression for a little time, I received help as I attend a college which offers out of charge short term service to such students but not every young adult in the USA is in my position, mostly those who are growing up (or grew up) in low income neighborhoods, are homeless, or do not possess a high school diploma. For young people who are not supported by their parents, and do not have a steady job or stable paychecks- getting help can be tough. A popular provision of the Affordable Care Act that became effective in 2010 aimed to make it easier for young adults to get access to health care by allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance u ntil they turn 26, â€Å"even if they re married, financially independent and no longer live with their parents.†(NPR, 2013) Now, one might think that this might have helped more young adults to get help with mental health issues; but, the answer is not so obvious. According to National Institute for Mental Health, approximately 30 percent of young adults with mental health issues said that they were getting treatment and â€Å"60 percent of those with a mental disorder got no treatment at all.† (Asher, 2010) And, thatShow MoreRelatedMental Health Issues Like Depression Essay1912 Words   |  8 Pagesself-care, to subjection to abuse from rough treatment inflicted by others. Regardless of how harm manifests the consequences are limitless damage to individual’s overall wellbeing, from possible mental health issues like depression through loss of self-esteem, to stress and exasperate existing health complaints, such as heart problems (Crossby et al, 2007). With the difficulties of advancing age plus the explosion in life expectancy, it is reasonable to assume older individuals form a significantRead MoreDistribution of Depression Amongst Young Australians Essay1547 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Depression is a mental disorder in which a patient might feel intense, prolonged, negative emotions (Beyond Blue, 2014). This can have severe impact on a persons mental and physical health, thus affecting a persons quality of life. Severe cases can even lead to suicide. It is estimated that one in six Australians will experience depression in their lifetime (Beyond Blue, 2014). The burden of disease gives an indication of of the loss of health and well being of Australians due toRead MoreSummarise and Discuss the Presentations of Mental Health in the Two Newspaper Articles Given in Appendix 1.1704 Words   |  7 Pagespresentations of mental health in the two newspaper articles given in Appendix 1. In this essay, I will summarise how both newspaper articles in Appendix 1 present mental health. I will also compare and contrast the articles with each other, as well as compare them to what I know about mental health and the history behind it including psychopharmaceuticals and psychotherapies. The first article, titled ‘six in ten of us have faced mental issues such as stress or depression’, focuses on the amountRead MorePhysical And Mental Health : An Essential Part Of A Person s Overall Health1262 Words   |  6 Pagespeople globally with problems and issues in life. Some people develop particular emotional and mental health problems such as schizophrenia and depression, and that leads to the loss of productivity and efficiency of daily life. With the help of psychologist, people can improve their mental health conditions that will benefit the occupation of the individual and their personal life issues. By providing care and therapy, psychologists ensure that people with mental illnesses can cope with daily lifeRead MoreEssay about Depression in Women706 Words   |  3 PagesWomen experience depression at twice the rate of men. Gender differences emerge first at puberty and occur mainly in the common mental disorders such as depression, anxiety among other s. These disorders, in which women predominate, affect approximately 1 in 3 people. The frequency of major depression in adults is estimated to be 7 to 12 percent in men and 20 to 25 percent in women in a community and this constitutes a serious public health problem (NIMH, 2006). Several and variable factors in womenRead MoreDepression And Childhood Depression1157 Words   |  5 Pagesmost common mental illnesses, depression controls the lives of individuals all over the world. Whereas many would assume that only adults and teenagers suffer from depression, that is entirely false. Children are often told they are too sensitive when it comes to feeling depressed, which results in them suppressing their true feelings. Due to the fact that children are not taken seriously and lack the help they need, their mental health does not heal, which can result in other mental illnesses orRead MoreThe Depression Of Older Adult Depression1667 Words   |  7 PagesAs the number of the older adults is increasing so are those living with depression; therefore, it is important that perceptions around older adult depression be studied. According to the study done by the US Department of Commerce, it is estimated that the older adult population will more than likely double by 2050 and of 80 million and many as 1 in 5 Americans would be considered as an older adult (US Department of Commerce, 1995). There are many losses that accompany the aging process. These includeRead MoreBullying Is The Third Leading Death Cause For Young People1256 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION Bullying is defined as a physical or mental victimization of a person by another person or group. Bullying is a major problem among teens in the United States today. During the 2007 -2008 school year over thirty-two percent of the nation’s students had reported a case of being harassed or abused by a fellow peer. Bullying causes a rapid declination is the victim s mental health. They suffer drastic, and dangerous behavior changes, mental issues that are similar to these could result in physicalRead MoreStigma Surrounding Mental Health Disorders1059 Words   |  5 PagesThe Stigma Surrounding Mental Health Disorders Mental health disorders affect just about every single person in the world. These disorders come in many forms and severities. A couple of these disorders are depression, anxiety, eating disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and many more. In the United States alone 43.8 million, 1 in 5, adults suffer from a form of a mental health disorder. About 21.4%, or 1 in 5 juveniles ages 13-18, suffer from mental health disorders. Of people in our countryRead MoreMental Health And The Southeast Asian Community906 Words   |  4 PagesResearch Issue The research problem I am interested in studying is mental health in Southeast Asian Community. Growing up, my mother suffered from major depression and younger brother with bipolar disorder. However, my parents would not acknowledge and does not believe that talking to medical professional with help them. My brother joined a gang and was getting involved in criminal activities in middle school. He went to juvenile hall to group homes, prison and then moved to Minnesota to live with

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The Significance of Privilege Free Essays

Privilege and its significance Privilege is a particular advantage or a particular right which is available for a specific group and or a peculiar individual while opposite to this ; the disadvantage means the group who can non bask those benefits or advantages which the particular group is taking as privilege. In other words, we can state that privilege is a kind of favoritism where one is basking some benefit while the other is non eligible to take that benefit ( Kimberly ; 73 ) . Bing a male, I think that we should non wait for such jurisprudence or we must non propose authorities to go through the policies against favoring but the whole community must work on it to extinguish the construct of favoring. We will write a custom essay sample on The Significance of Privilege or any similar topic only for you Order Now We must hold voice for equality in the society. In article, â€Å"Michael M. vs. Superior Court of Sonoma County† , there was contention non around the instance but around the issue. I feel a review against the suspect that why he charged Michael with statutory colza although it seems a physical colza as it was portraying that Michael forced Sharon until she submitted for the sex. I felt that Michael must non be charged with physical colza because Sharon was besides responsible for the whole bad luck. They drank together ; they left group together, their arousal and their intimacy, it all made the state of affairs of bad luck. By reading this I feel two sorts of privileges were given two Sharon, the first is her gender and the second was age. They both were guilty, but as Michael was of 18 and Sharon was 17, so Sharon was privileged because of her age and Michael was punished merely. Sharon must be punished as she encouraged Michael for this onslaught. This instance is a clear illustration that the privilege is a sort of favoritism. While populating in a same community and society, we do non hold right to know apart our determinations on the footing of age or gender. Both Sharon and Michael must penalize every bit because they were every bit responsible for their Acts of the Apostless. It was right determination to bear down him against the statutory colza but the same determination must be taken for the Sharon as she motivated Michael for the sex. In the instance between Mcleskey V. Kemp, the issue was raised that on the footing of the races, black adult male are punished more often as compared to the white one ( Mcleskey ; 1 ) . We have a clear white privileged over the black disadvantaged in the society of USA. This instance can besides back up my sentiment that privilege is favoritism. While populating in a same society, why two people or group of people is been handling otherwise. White privilege is a set of benefits that white can avail in the same economic, political and societal fortunes but the inkinesss can non avail. This set of benefit includes greater societal position, cultural avowals, and freedom to purchase, drama, move, speak and work freely. White privilege is a sort of racism. I do non state that white people deliberately or accidentally do this favoritism or ache the black one, but they are unfamiliar with their white-color privilege. It is wholly at opportunity that single will be treated as a alone human being but taking into histories the race of a victim or suspect while make up one’s minding that if punishment of decease should be imposed. Further, Mcleskey is right that in malice of sing race or colour, it is better to see that what quality does those single posses ( Mcleskey ; 8 ) . Two people may belong to same race but their qualities will be different so in order to convey equality in society, it is of import to detect every individual separately non with the race. By his statements we can state that handling two people otherwise with response to his or her race is besides a privilege for one who will be treated as holding good race over the 1 who is non good in the oculus of judge. In another manner, we can state that this is a racial favoritism where 1 is acquiring benefit over the other. This is why, it is my sentiment that privilege is a sort of favoritism. By taking another illustration of instance held between Rostker v. Goldberg, which was on the determination of the U.S Supreme Court keeping that the pattern of necessitating merely work forces to register for the bill of exchange was constitutional. Robert challenged the bill of exchange enrollment policy of U.S.A. and suit against the manager of Selective service system named Bernard Rostker. After the tribunal Sessionss, it announced that it was legal to register merely work forces for the bill of exchange. Then Robert L. Goldberg challenged in the tribunal that the gender differentiation is unconstitutional for this jurisprudence as it is â€Å"only men† . After 6 to 3 determinations, U.S Supreme tribunal announced that neither this is gender favoritism nor this Act violated the equal protection of Torahs. At the terminal tribunal decided that this Act would remain passed as it is. Although the tribunal does non alter its determination but it is a clear gender based determination where merely work forces will be merely at that place to register for the bill of exchange. In article â€Å"Overcoming Racism in Environmental Decision† , Bullard said that there is a large societal job that is economic and racial minorities are forced to digest the economic loads. Bullard claimed that this environmental unfairness violates societal, geographic, and procedural equity.He besides proposed five basicss of environmental justness to authorities that how to rectify the job. Bullard said that in order to extinguish the ailments of sexism and racism from the society, it is of import to take favoritism from top to down. It can be done by sing the jobs and demands of disadvantaged where necessary and with remarking and reconstituting the universe where would see that how to give benefit to the disadvantaged. Through his survey, it seems clearly that he has believed in it that there is favoritism among different races. I am besides in the same sentiment that society trades different races otherwise which is doing a major rise in the societal ailments. In order to take the societal ailments from the society, it is of import to extinguish favoritism. Bullard survey is really important because of his environmental justness model. There should be â€Å"no forfeit zones† but environmental justness for all. In my sentiment, privilege is merely critical for jurisprudence. The privilege is critical if sound lawful exhortation is to be given in every field. It has a profound centrality in practically every circumstance where lawful counsel is looked for whether it is refering corporate and concern minutess, to household connexions, or to civil prosecution condemnable accusals. Family insider facts, organisation privileged penetrations, peculiar defects and injudiciousnesss all must now and once more be uncovered to the lawyer by the client. Without this benefit clients could ne’er be existent and equip all the important informations that must be given to legal counsellors on the off opportunity that they are to lawfully cheer their clients. It is a constituent that is both indispensable and to a great grade paramount to the working of the legitimate model. It is a consequence of the basic essentiality of the benefit that the burden lawfully rests upon those looking to put aside the benefit to legalize doing such a notable pace. Customer lawful privilege ( CLP ) , often alluded to as â€Å" legitimate proficient benefit † , is a typical jurisprudence right that exists to procure the organisation of equity and the right of people and different elements/associations to get secret counsel about their legitimate fortunes. It secures legitimate advocate given by an lawyer to his or her client ( exhortation benefit ) and interchanges associating to genuine or mulled over suit or tribunal minutess ( prosecution benefit ) . The best possible organisation of equity obliges that clients can talk uninhibitedly and evidently with their lawyer, without trepidation of unveiling any informations pertinent to the lawful counsel they are looking for. It is good comprehended that, without the benefit, legitimate incidents may be postponed or even lost as legal advisers will be unable to suitably talk to their client, or convey pertinent affairs to the consideration of the tribunal. Guaranting pragmatism and genuineness in such correspondences is critical, on the evidences that we live in a complex public sentiment and our Torahs and lawful model are on juncture exceptionally muddled. It is in the public oculus ‘s investing that persons ( numbering organisations ) look for legitimate exhortations about their issues and in looking for counsel don’t hesitate to unveil all important certainties. The multilateral quality of these Torahs is coupled with spread outing dependance on ego ordinance by the group, for case the self rating agreement of appraisal. How to cite The Significance of Privilege, Essay examples

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Painting at the Court of Milan by Leonardo Da Vinci Essay Example For Students

Painting at the Court of Milan by Leonardo Da Vinci Essay Exhibition reviewTitle of Assignment Painting at the Court of Milan by Leonardo Da VinciWe recognize what Renaissance is, as a cultural movement, economic, and social development, furthermore, there are number of expression of it. However much it could say, it is likely to be defined as only 1 word, Leonardo Da Vinci (April 15, 1452 May 2, 1519), who worked out diversely many ways in the Renaissance period. This great exhibition (Painter at the Court of Milan) led a lot of people by reason of this and his creativity and passion in Art. He was an Italian Renaissance polymath who is the most talented person according to my way of thinking. Especially living in Milan (1482 1499), where Ludovico Sforza (July 27, 1452 May 27, 1508) ruled. Meanwhile, Leonardo created and developed his ideas and career as a court painter. He was given a title as a painter and engineer of the duke. Leonardo had developed painting, sculpture, architecture in an aspect of art, even military contrivance and social engineering and so on in order to create a perfect city in terms of Ludovicos project. Consequently, he could apply and develop art work due to this circumstance and Ludovicos dedicated support. This exhibition, therefore, has an artists embodiment of research and studies, which has shown significant paintings and more than 50 drawings. As an example, the order of this exhibition followed by theme in each room, Portrait of Young Musician, The Lady with an Ermine, Saint Jerome, two version of Virgin of the Rocks, The Last supper and Christ as Salvator Mundi. What is more, the interesting thing that audience can do is to compare with between Louvres Virgin of the Rocks and National Gallerys one. This comparison should not include in one roof, and even these paintings in exhibition are also hard to be gathered up in one place, however, the National Gallery eventually made with diplomacy and effort. As a result, the audience could see Leonardo Da Vincis extraordinary observation, creativity, imagination, and technique in particular one place. (Fig I. ) Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)Portrait of Young Man (The musician). Pinacoteca Ambrosiana (Milan)C. 14861487PaintingOil on wood panelImage size 45 x 32 cmSource HYPERLINK http//www. leonardoda-vinci. org/ http//www. eonardoda-vinci. orgWhat observer initially notice in this exhibition is, adopting new technique and Leonardos deep observation through studies in the first room. The viewer could see the painting Portrait of Young Musician, which shows 15th century the Italian painting influenced by Netherlandish portrait. For instance, distinctly, using oil paint, mans three-quarter profile, and naturalistic expression of appearance curly brown hair, his nose and eyes, besides holding a sheet of paper. Then realistic moment which evokes after finished sing a song has shown sense of lively. Moreover, when the egg tempera was hugely used in this period, Leonardo applied more sophisticated and helpful medium. Simultaneously, the traditional form of portrait was accepted during that time, he was a pioneer who challenged preconceptions. In the painting, young man is staring at outside of the frame. The author thinks that this explorer extends a viewers imagination by technique and composition because of youths eye. Whether this young man stares at somewhere or thinks of something, he seems like an enthusiastic youth in music with a twinkle in his eye. This might make viewers have small imagination and curiosity. (Fig 2. ) Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)The Lady with an Ermine. HYPERLINK http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Czartoryski_Museum o Czartoryski Museum Czartoryski Museum, HYPERLINK http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/KrakC3B3w o Krakw Krakw14891490PaintingOil on wood panelImage size 54 x 39 cmSource HYPERLINK http//www. leonardoda-vinci. org/ http//www. leonardoda-vinci. orgLeonardos observation of the object, endless studies and realistic painting and technique was running on in life. Renaissance Quizz Essay Research PaperThis is a very simple idea but it is hard to draw on the wall. Furthermore, Leonardo used the golden section which divided into 4 groups out of 13 people, three windows in the background, and triangle figure Jesus. These formations give a sense of optical equilibrium to viewers. Moreover, Leonardo completed the work about 1495 to 1498. In fact, it was not the originalfresco work. He had painted plaster and resin on the wall, and then drew with tempera and oil on it. However, applying a new technique gave delicate representation. Unfortunately, it caused damage itself. (Fig 7. ) Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)Christ as Salvator Mundi. Private Collection, New YorkAbout 1499 onwardsPaintingTempera and Oil on walnut panelImage size 45. 4 x 65. 6 cmSource HYPERLINK http//www. leonardoda-vinci. org/ http//www. leonardoda-vinci. orgThis painting Christ as Salvator Mundi has a sad history which was not dated, just it was guessed in c. 1500. Therefore, no one knew its whereabouts. So people thought it was disappeared. Then, in 1900 it was rediscovered with seriously damaged stats. Afterwards, it had been sold and bought in many ways, for example, it was sold only 50 in auction in 1958. Then, the painting was inserted in U. S government. At the moment, Christ as Salvator Mundi is displayed in National Galley. As a matter of fact, Salvator Mundi is a one part of drawing which was in fashion in Northern Europe. Typically, Jesus holds on an orb in left hand, the other side signs cross finger. The former indicates the universe, and the latter means bless or pray for good luck. Even though it was damaged in many areas, the painting still has given sensation more than enough by Leonardos indication and technique. It was an amazing experience to enjoy Leonards art world by looking at drawings, and preparation for paintings. It is likely to be he was an artist who wanted to explore the universe through observation, innovation, and a great mount of study. All these encourage the audience to have enthusiastic and earnest their life. It might prove that anyone could be great like Leonardo Da Vinci. What is more, I realize that infinite curiosity could develop oneself. It would be difficult to practice, although this is an obvious truth to the human being. One of Leonardos examples, the anatomy study has shown having one particular research was useful for his works, also study was valuable in medical use.

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Managing a Culturally Diverse Human Resource

Introduction Most of the Arab Gulf States such as the United Arab Emirates have constructive engagements with diverse personnel and clients who assist in the current acceleration of economic growth as well as that of the dependants who are mainly developing countries benefiting from oil exports or other wide range of products and machinery.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Managing a Culturally Diverse Human Resource specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More One of the credible factors the Arabs Gulf States ought to address urgently includes employees’ management issues. Thesis statement This paper discovers and addresses some of the challenges relating to management of employees faced by some companies in Arab Gulf States, particularly issues relating to foreign workforce and its effects. The paper relies on findings from successful firms in United Arab Emirates. Labour markets face major consequences of segmentat ion, cultural challenges, performance expectations and other challenges relating to current indoctrination trends. Literature Review Contemporary Issues Job markets The Gulf States have recently been the largest markets or best choice for most international job seekers. The governments of United Arab Emirates encourage migration as a measure to ease pressure associated with labour markets, reduce rates of unemployment as well as accelerate economical developments. It is the most dynamic, established and most efficient measure for curbing the alleviating levels of poverty among most developing nations (Walters et al, p.32). Migration Oil wealth has attracted many immigrants into the Gulf States in search for better paying jobs especially people from developing countries. This a big challenge that HR systems of most United Arab Emirates companies faces today and in future. The economy growth mainly relies on the forces and foreign employees deliver majority required labour.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reliability on such is evidently a huge challenge on employees’ management such as among popular wealthy emirates clusters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The United Arab Emirates has successful international companies such as Voltas Limited, a Tata Group company or Levtech Consulting Company in Abu Dhabi employs from different states with different cultural procedures. Cultural and Gender Disparity The labour market faces a big challenge of under representation of women due to their cultural believes and prior HRM styles. Existence of the high quality education enables women to enjoy the same rates as their male counterparts. Women make up majority of population in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (Pollock, p.9). Human management has to ensure there is no gap difference in gender participation and enhance future substantial democratization advantages ( Pollock, p.9). Social identity theory Contemporary Thinking in an Organization Cultural diversity entails the experiences and characteristics of different people within an organization. It includes the whole spectrum of human beings including ethnicity, race, age, gender, disability, religion and the sexual orientation. Most importantly, diversity ought to focus on individual work style, communication technique, role level, level of performance and economic significance. The main aim of diversity is to tap talent and unique qualities along these dimensions. Diversity therefore focuses on differences and similarities at the workplace. This influence over individual identity and perspective goes beyond legally specified dimensions and from that perspective, it can be a source of non-discriminatory opportunities and affirmative statutes within the work setting. The workplace ought to have non-discriminatory programs through the organization culture. This is the key element representing dignity and respect for all, to encourage knowledge or experience gain and team work. There ought to be some proactive measures required to deal with conflicts associated with workplace diversity and cater for ways of fostering the practice. Common Pros and Cons Associated With Diversity Cultural diversity boosts company’s competitive situation in the market. Unlike the early days when marketers thought that certain goods or services were universally acceptable, cultural diversification enables today’s marketers to know that different cultures demand for different taste of the same product or service.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Managing a Culturally Diverse Human Resource specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Large chain stores like Wal-Mart or Woolworths are in a position to establish the best way of presenting their products depending on location. (Booyens, p.56) Today we see a business scenari o where small and medium sized companies are able to give big company a run for their money because they have understood the concept of trading in a multi-cultural setting. The twenty first century creates openings for engaging in technological aspects and resources such as internet trading, which assists to overcome physical boundaries. A culturally diverse company is rich in knowledge pertaining people from various countries thus has enough chances of enhancing trade (Mathis et al, p.16). A business with ethnic diversity can easily serve a wide base of clients without much effort considering the ease for workers to relate with clients. The clients have a diverse representation in the firm thus high interactions between client and server. There is a wide variety and well-balanced pool of knowledge created by diverse cultures in the workplace. Knowledge is power to gain experience, creativity, customer support or participation, lasting results and eventually long-term high profit ma rgins (Booyens, p.163). Lack of acceptance and discrimination are characteristics of failure to enhance cultural diversity in the workplace. People from different background still have personal features hindering this form of development. The cultural diversity within an organization with such people can be the main source of conflicts, group-work failures and thus fall of business operations and eventually poor economical growth. The diversity issue can therefore be a negative aspect if it lacks proper implementation procedures.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Proactive measures of resolving diversification at the workplace Implementation of cultural diversity at the workplace should be subsequent to strategically planning. Execution or change management must entail employees’ inspiration through infusion or integration of various aspects, such as those involving diversification into the business procedures or requirements. It ought to apply from the top executives, who should show commitment and importance of diversity. Having the employees understand the importance of diversity from the word goes reduces any possibilities of conflicts. The top Human Resource leaders must engage an upbeat measure of solving diversity related conflicts by regularly emphasising on its benefits to the firm. The business cultural commitment to diversity requires legal gazetting with the external regulator body to emphasize on the consequences regarding those conflicts that break the rule. In relation to Booyens writing (p.163), a company need to have programs for performing prior training to employees on how to deal with counterparts from different cultural setting. Arguably, it is impossible for employees to be careful on issues regarding stereotyping, language differences, time differences and individual versus collective mindset, as a measure of avoiding conflicts or resolving diversity related disagreements. Fostering cultural diversity at the workplace Promotion of cultural diversity in the workplace ought to take place before commencement of hiring. This means that one should include diversity in the business plan. In line with Daft and Marcic (p.244), discovery of strengths or benefits of an action occur well prior to proper planning. These calls for the HR management to be responsive over recognizing, respecting and capitalizing on various aspects of the society mainly regarding ethnicity, race and gender. A good manager should note that even outside the work setting; one finds exposure of various cultural practices. Acc ording to Daft and Marcic (p.244), a good system capitalizes on the employees strengths while minimizing on the weaknesses. The differences between employees’ culture should entail proper usage, to strengthen understanding and enhance stronger bonds through team works as a measure to capture global clientele. An entrepreneur should know that diversity is something more than mare moral obligation or a necessity for a business but is a business opportunity. Elements of managing diversity Evidently, majority of the companies have embraced the aspect of Human Resource Information System to enhance better styles of carrying out proceedings in HR departments. Competition calls for total integration of technology in the human resource department, to reshape the pattern of conducting business and maintain competitiveness in the global economy. Like the past motives, today’s business goals entail making profits by selling products or services that satisfy the societal needs (Wa lters et al, p.7). The only difference is on the use of technology for better enhancement and thus quicker and higher profit margins. Given the resolution of the society to embrace change, it is necessary to examine relationship between the Human Resource Management and integrations of technology. It also addresses the future expectation for professionals in various industries. The HR management involves solution of various business strategic plans and failure to incorporate the IT is one of the root cause of the current collapse or liquidation of some firms. There is eminent need for a business to shift with the societal norms less it perish in the near future. Consistent with Voltas Limited, proper HR Management calls for professionals to engage in understanding clients and employee’s behaviours competently, by basing the logistics on past and present status, to be in a position of predicting the future (Walters et al, p.4). According to Walters et al (p.4), future HR manag ers should use the technological advancement to control three aspects of businesses namely, â€Å"business strategy, HR mastery and Technology† as evident in today’s ever-dynamic world of technological management. Theoretical Concepts of Strategic HRM in the 21st Century Resource dependence Theory This is a conceptual advancement to cater for reduction of environmentally dependent concepts and uncertainties and maximizing on available resources such as human resources (Mathias et al, p.34). Today most companies have realized the key role of their HR departments. The HR department should be the key business strategic planner through deployment of technology such as the web-based analysis of economic factors influencing the business in order to increase profitability. Discovery of knowledge as the key resource for the HR department is the basis for future predictions that HR management will necessitate for new and radical management strategies and practices. The field of information technology ought to replace firms’ important administrative tasks. The tasks that involve merging of firms, integration of new resources such as outsourcing and involving of joint ventures are all concerns of the HR managers. Other common tasks entitled to HR department today include involvement on leadership such as directors’ roles, necessary political actions and formation of inter-organizational relationships. The managers in the HR department should be the strategic business associates who ought to ensure business gains from the planning strategies. According to Mathias et al, (p.34) HR management system should have the sole role of ensuring maximization of profit margins through enhanced quality and technology based on human management as a way of creating value to the organization. Signalling theory The aspects of internet required for the HR management, which comprise of the intranet technology, electronic education for the clients as well as the e mployees, self-service for the client, gathering of the client’s response, virtual reactions to comments through surveys and electronic comments forms the signalling features. The HR managers must be in a position to perform a critical SWOT analysis of a firm and offer prospective analysis. A good example of the analysis involves the operation of Saudi Arabia ARAMCO Company (Walters, p.5). It is an international producer, marketer and distributor of oil and gas products competing in the global markets. SWOT Analysis summary STRENGTH WEAKNESS OPPORTUNITY S-O( MAX-MAX) W-O (MIN-MAX) THREATS S-T (MAX-MIN) W-T (MIN-MIN) S-O, the company should pursue opportunities that are within their strength. W-O, the company need to minimize on any of their internal weakness and try to utilize external opportunity coming their way S-T, ARAMCO has to maximize on the available strengths and avoids threats from the external environment W-T, these are external environment factors that should fully be minimized to enable the growth of the company Swot Analysis Chart HR Feedback to improve ARAMCO Supply Chain Strategic Theory for Future Human Resources plans Most of the employees as well as the clients have access to computers and internet connections. The aspect of electronic trading has already been acceptable among users. In line with Daft and Marcic, (p.150) the future implication and planning of these technological advancement means advancement in employees’ productivity and therefore the general performance will increase drastically. During the integration of information technology into business, the aim is to eventually manage and improve the customer’s relationship, manage the intelligence in the business setting, plan for the resources, manage people especially in terms of the knowledge, manage supply chain, enhance electronic trade as well as support decision making procedures (Daft and Marcic, p.244). Today utilizing the available technolo gy is inevitable, the question remain whether the companies are utilizing the technology in the right manner especially for the human resource departments. According to Daft and Marcic, (368) what lies ahead is a human resource department focused on a knowledge based economy, where the race remain between the rivalry companies over fast learning and flexible organization with the aim of taking the advantage over the already technologically acquainted markets. The technological advancement allows companies to be in a position of collaborating and exchanging information over contraction or stockholding and the recent merging programs. Major future understanding of the IT integrated in the HR management entails definition of the intended and anticipated outcomes. The current increased usage of technology in the workplace shows that it is inevitable for the HR departments to adopt the web-based systems. Resource-based view Theory In future, users expect the human resource information te chnology to manage the company’s benefit plans and all the employees’ information. The benefits management plans enable the HR department to deal with the ever-growing databases. The HR faces the challenge of dealing with dynamism and limited resources due to expansion of databases and growth of information. Conclusion An effective HRIS or HRMS should have provision for any requirements of the business such as the need to track, analyze or process employees’ information for instance from the previous employers databases. An advanced HRIS ought to avail customization probabilities to cater for unique business needs. The employees are in a position to do personal benefit analysis and updates such as changing profiles like the personal addresses thus relieving the management most of the strategic functions. With such connecting intelligent system, it is easy to facilitate equal treatment of data pertaining management of employees, development of knowledge, developm ent of careers and facilitation of equal treatment. There is eminent need for future systems to enable employers to collect and analyze information legally with the aim of ethically assisting and providing effective support to reporting employees. Works Cited Booyens, S.W. â€Å"Introduction to Health Service Management.† Juta and Company Ltd. South Africa. 2008. Daft, Richard.L. and Marcic, Dorothy. â€Å"Understanding Management.† Cengage Learning, 2008 Mathis, Robert, L., Jackson, John. H. and Elliott, Tonya L. Human Resource  Management. Cambridge, MA: Thomson Southwestern Publishers, 2007 Pollock, Michelle. â€Å"Qatar: A Model for Education Reform in the Arabian Gulf.† World  Education News and Reviews May 2007. Web. Walters, Timothy N., Alma Quadratic, and Lynne M. Walters. â€Å"Miracle or Mirage: Is Development Sustainable in the United Arab Emirates?† The Middle East  Review of International Affairs (MERIA). (September) 10:3. 2006 This report on Managing a Culturally Diverse Human Resource was written and submitted by user Lady Deathstrike to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. 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Things Fall Apart and Ibo Community Essays

Things Fall Apart and Ibo Community Essays Things Fall Apart and Ibo Community Paper Things Fall Apart and Ibo Community Paper Essay Topic: Things Fall apart Describe the marriage and family system of the Ibo, using as many terms discussed in class as possible. In the Ibo community, polygamy is an accepted practice. Okonkwo is a prime example of the typical male in the tribe. He has three wives total and many children. In the Ibo community, the more wives a man has the more masculine he is considered. The people of the community worship their ancestors very often. 2. Why did â€Å"things fall apart? † Things fell apart in the Ibo community because of the outside influences coming into their village and changing their culture. The Ibo had a lack of communication with the Christian missionaries. The religions of the two sides differed vastly and they could not truly agree on God or how to worship. The Ibo could not understand the Holy Trinity and they were being told that the statues of their gods that they believed were made by their one supreme god were fake gods. To prevent the community from falling apart, the missionaries could have accepted that the Ibo would not want to change their religion and left the community alone. 3. Was Mr. Brown (the initial missionary) ethnocentric? Why or why not? Mr. Brown was extremely ethnocentric. When he arrived to Umuofia he immediately told the people of the Ibo community that they were worshipping false gods and they must accept Christianity. He says that the gods of the village are incapable of causing any harm to him for the way he speaks about them. He accepted everyone into the church, even those who were outcasts of the community and did not pay attention to the rules of the villagers. 4. What, in your opinion, is the most important message in this novel? I think the most important message in this novel is that some things and some people just aren’t meant to change. There are some people that are so set in their ways that when others intervene, it causes extreme problems. When the messenger at the meeting near the end of the novel says that the meeting is over, Okonkwo kills him immediately because he is so frustrated with the way his people have handled the missionaries since they arrived.

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Business introduction of, its business models and its Essay

Business introduction of, its business models and its evaluation - Essay Example The organisation aims to follow innovativeness and sheer dedication regarding offering quality services to the customers along with offering highly admired products. The organisation mainly offers branded products to the customers in global markets for younger population as well as for infants. Moreover, the organisation also possesses its online site named, through which various individuals are capable to purchase products and services on an extensive basis. It is also observed that for the previous few years, the company has also expanded its business activities in the global marketplace. It had launched outlets in Canada during the year 2001 and three franchise stores in Middle East, during the year 2010. The franchise stores in Hong Kong, Russia and China were founded in the year 2011. The company is also planning to expand its business in Israel and Japan in the coming years. It possesses 30,000 associates and around 1000 outlets all over the world (AE Better World, n.d.) . There are a number of competitors in the market for the organisation, among them The Gap Inc., Abercrombie & Fitch Co. and Pacific Sunwear of California Inc. deserve special mention. The company is also committed extensively towards providing affordable services to its customers. Moreover, in order to uphold safety standards, the products that are offered to the customers are tested in the laboratory to maintain hygienic process (AEO Management Co., 2013). The paper intends to discuss E- Business models and revenue generation mechanisms through web portal of AEO as well as the future business opportunities for the organisation in a detailed basis along with providing certain recommendations. Business Models (E-Business Models) E- Business models are vital components for an organisation which aims to conduct business activities through online basis. These models enable a company to direct information flow on the basis of which product as well as service related activities of the co mpany can be maintained within the framework of internet. AEO generally uses e-Commerce business model within the periphery of e-business model. A few of the leading e-Commerce business models include storefront model, dynamic pricing model, portal model and auction model among others. The e-business model used by AEO is storefront model, as it is observed with the assistance of storefront model the customers are able to purchase a variety of products through online sources or sites. The key facets that are involved in the storefront model encompass the features such as security policies, transaction processing, storage of information as well as payment through online mode (Catedra Inginerie Software, 2002). In this similar context, it is also recognised that the organisation provides the facility of transaction processing through its website as customers are facilitated to make payments through online sources and also through mobile phones. The company is also providing auction rat e securities to the organisation and securities to the customers regarding theft of products in the outlets. However, negative conditions and respondents in Auction Rate Security (ARS) market, could provide a drastic impact on the investment process of the organization for a